Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Vintage Six Six Sick: A shot of Feng Feng and Christina from Summer 2007

So my husband and I are secretly obsessed with the U.K.---but for completely different reasons. For Jimmy it is about football culture, mods, Paul Weller, The Jam, This Is England, Beatles vs. Stones, The Kinks, Paul Smith, fish and chips, and mushy peas. I like all those things too, but for me, it's more about Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Philip Treacy, Louise Goldin, Kabiri, Radiohead, Hot Chip, Isabel Blow, Daphne Guinness, Topshop, high tea, Susie Bubble, Kingdom of Style, fried candy bars, and most recently, Glamcanyon.com.

I happed upon Kajsa Hentschel's site during one of my procrastinatory vaunts through cyberspace, and immediately was captivated by her images of fashion-forward London kids out and and about. I usually don't look at party photos from other cities since most of the fun lies in looking at pictures of people you know making fools of themselves, but the photos on Glamcanyon are beyond party photos. Kajsa has an eye for catching the most captivating characters, during the day and the night, with a innate sense of light, color, and composition, which she seems miraculously able to access on the fly.

Even though I only discovered her website recently, as luck would have it, it turns out that Kajsa has made her way stateside, and even came and shot photos at Six Six Sick last year. Alas, I was living in Stockholm at the time, so I missed the chance to meet her, but Christina claims that Kajsa not only took the best pictures of her and Feng Feng that anyone has ever taken, but was also supremely sweet on top of that. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Halloween in London---I think I know a lot of kids who would like to look like this every day of the week.

This killer headpiece will definitely serve as inspiration for the next crown I make.

I just love this photograph, with the stark contrast of flaming red tinsel that you can practically touch on luminous white skin, against a pitch black background.

I believe that Susie Bubble had this Dover Street Market shopgirl do an outfit diary for her a few months ago.

Finally, another vintage Six Six Sick shot of Christina and Feng Feng from Summer 2007, wearing a new-rave little Indian look.


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Kat Walks said...

oh thanks for that hun!

hey you know i'll soon be throwing a club night in london also called glamcanyon which is inspired by your night! it'll also be on tuesdays and play lots of pop in a very glam venue in shoreditch appropriately called the last days of decadence. hopefully we soon get to hang out in each other's nights (again).


ps: my name spells katja ;)