Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sight for Sore Eyes

A movement towards greater social responsibility in fashion has been gaining momentum in the past few years, garnering just as much attention as eco-consciousness, and becoming increasingly important to many emerging brands.  SHAUNS is one such example.  Following a similar business model as the footwear brand Tom's, founder Shaun Paterson created the "GIVE Sight" program, sponsoring an eye exam and a free pair of prescription glasses for someone in need for every pair of SHAUNS glasses sold. Unlike Tom's however, a brand which I conceptually love but aesthetically find to be a bit too crunchy for my taste, SHAUNS creates gorgeous, chic, Italian-made glasses.  Based in the Bay Area, where Scottish-born Paterson attended Stanford Business School, the brand emits a warm West Coast vibe, appropriately sunny for a a company that sells shades.  The cool palette and the elegant, fuss-free designs are modern and versatile without being overly trend-driven, and even though Paterson allegedly hates the word 'minimal' most of the frames fall into this category.  My personal favorite is the bold geometric Moray with icy white frames and lavender lenses, which will easily make any winter-sick heart start California dreaming.


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Charles said...

all gorgeous. the first ones are my fave :)